Incite Design

Getting started/re-started

The task of creating or re-creating a website doesn't need to be arduous. Understanding the overall development process can make it easier to keep your project on course. The workflow involves a preliminary site assessment, assembling the text and image content, approving a graphic mockup, then tweaking a beta version of the site before going public.

Preliminary site assessment

The first step is to determine your site's needs, present and future. We identify the principal areas, determine the overall size of the site, text and media content, and discuss any features that could enhance usability such as slideshows, carousels and gliders, streaming media, YouTube and Vimeo channel setup, social media integration, online form handling, search and PayPal™ shopping cart and single purchase implementation. Incite Design submits a proposal based upon a determination of the amount of time needed to create your website project within a mutually agreed-upon timetable.

Pre-Production/assets assembly

During the pre-production phase of the site's development, we collect any text and graphic content needed, i.e., the website's assets. Existing firm brochures, flyers or other promotional material can provide a useful starting point.

What's often helpful is to take an evaluative look at websites of any peers or competitors in your field, or sites with features comparable to what you have in mind. This allows us an opportunity to evaluate online examples of website content organization as well as getting closer to a desired look and feel for your project.

Production and review

In the production phase, Incite Design creates an online prototype version of your site in a beta staging area and gives you an opportunity for design and layout review. Upon approval, and following any final revisions and tweaks, your website opens to the public.

What happens next...

In contrast to print media, a website is never a finished, done thing, but rather a flexible work in progress, with an inherent flexibility that allows for up-to-the-minute changes that can adjust to changing needs. Incite will be there for you for any updates to your website down the line, on a contractual or hourly, as-needed basis. Incite Design has been creating a web presence for small businesses and non-profits since 1998, and looks ahead to even more exciting Web developments as technology continues to offer new options previously unavailable.

WordPress - Joomla CMS options

Incite Design builds the site that addresses your current needs and allows for future expansion. Is a multi-user Content Management System ("CMS") like WordPress or Joomla right for you? And what factors should be considered in choosing one or the other?

Or alternatively, would a "traditional html" non-CMS site with less frequent content updates and minimal upkeep prove a better fit?

If opting for a CMS, Incite Design can guide you through theme/template and framework considerations, and integrate plug-ins that best address the needs your site has, with both security and speed in mind, and staying current with ongoing updates and changes.

Have you registered your website's name?

Incite Design can assist you with registering your website's domain name registration or transferring an existing name, and any server setup issues that can arise.

Incite Design's customized server makes domain pointing easy, affording the option of having multiple website names go to the same site at no additional charge.

Custom site hosting

Incite Design offers custom server site hosting and maintenance uniquely for its clients—bypassing the time-consuming frustration dealing with outsourced tech support in typical website hosting companies.

Incite Design takes care of all server adminsitration, troubleshooting, and any server migrations, so your work continues without interruption.