Incite Design


Whether it's a new website or a makeover, Incite Design uses its graphic design, coding, and content organizational expertise to ensure a professional web presence.

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Incite Design offers a full range of graphic services, including logo/branding creation and integration, intensive photo enhancement and web optimization, gallery and image presentational options (e.g., NoirCity,, along with video and audio streaming from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. The Film Noir Foundation's extensive Video Archives have generated over a million views on its YouTube channel. Incite Design supports the most popular social media integrations: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


Incite Design integrates WordPress and Joomla, the two most popular and well-supported open source Content Management Systems that allow for dynamically generated website content, multi-user access, and an expansive, scalable feature set. Themes and templates, along with additional plug-ins and extensions are chosen for compatiblity and usability—with security and support updates a prime consideration. The JA Yellow Pagesand California Japantowns feature extensive, searchable databases with Google map integration using Mosets Tree component software exclusively developed for Joomla.

Online selling, mailing list options

Incite Design can help you determine what selling solution will work best for you — from online interactive order forms to shopping cart solutions like PayPal or ShopSite.

AWeber Communications


Incite Design supports AWeberand MailChimp, two multi-featured, widely-used mailing list services that allow both nonprofits and commercial businesses to grow a subscriber base that can be alerted to events and updates, with extensive tracking, opt-in options and audience segmenting.

But why be content with stock template designs that makes one's email broadcasts appear like everyone else's?

Incite offers custom HTML email programming bolstered by image hosting to give a non-generic, professional looks.

Value-added web hosting option

Incite Design offers the option to host and maintain your website. Incite Design provides technical support and continuous monitoring of its websites, bypassing tedious support ticketing systems, and typical time-consuming calls to outsourced overseas help.

Unsure about your site's content and how best to present it?

In an era of information overload and shortening attention spans, it's not just content that is "king" — it's what website design analysts call usability: content organization and accessibility. A website's ability to be navigated intuitively and its contents found without recourse to site maps makes all the difference in how long your site's visitors stay and their return rate.

Incite Design works with you to evaluate both available and potential content and implement optimal presentational options that work for your site.

A one-stop solution

With its site planning, design, custom hosting and support for a variety of web services, Incite Design offers you an affordable one-stop solution to leveraging your company's image on the Web and making the connection with the audience you want to reach.